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Key West Events - 2017

Key West - Events 2017

"Jazz music was originally created and performed by the youth of America, but over the last eighty years or so, that vitality and relatability has largely been lost or forgotten. So the Jazz-Age Retrospectacular sets out to re-create the culture, wardrobe, lingo, technology and social dynamics of the 1920's-1950's to help showcase the music as it was then. It's like a history lesson from the inside out, wrapped in a costume party."

Mystery Dinner Theatre Cabaret - View Pictures | Sold out
On Friday, March 3rd at 6pm, is the Mystery Dinner Theatre Cabaret. It's an interactive mystery theatre whodunnit with an all-inclusive 5 course gourmet meal by Mangoes Restaurant, served in their beautiful upstairs ballroom at 700 Duval st. This costume dinner party also boasts live music by jazz crooner Rock Solomon, plus an after-dinner movie, all celebrating 1920's culture of Swing music & Noir cinema.  Tickets are $45-$165 online, or $60-$180 at the door. Email or call 305-290-2796 for more information. Dress Style: Circa. 1920's Glamour & Gangster. Watch the trailer below to get ahead of this months plot!

Mystery Dinner Theatre Cabaret: View Pictures | Sold out

The Music of Old Hollywood | Sold Out
This intimate jazz showcase was inspired by the recent success of Rock Solomon's "Music of the Academy Awards", a sold out show at the Truman Little White House that was received with rave reviews.  Enjoy a journey back though time 
from present day to the early music from Hollywood in the 1930's.  Hosted by concert jazz Pianist and music historian James King III, and featuring the vocal talents of Rock Solomon, Allison Mayer aka Baby T, Em Lazott and other special guests. Performance will held in the upstairs ballroom at Mangoes Restaurant at 700 Duval St. Key West, FL.

From 6-7pm guests are invited to join the band and featured performers for a pre-show cocktail hour. Performance starts at 7pm. Show is All Ages.

Swing & Social Dance Night - View Pictures | Sold out

On Sunday, March 5th from 6pm-midnight, the party continues with an interactive 1940's style Swing & Social Dance Night, at the Blue Room (old Bottlecap Bar) featuring Jazz crooner Rock Solomon. Doors open at 6pm, with a dance lesson by Lucy at 6:30 and 8pm. 
Solomon's live swing band plays 7pm-10pm, followed by an "Electro-Swing" DJ spinning vintage beats until midnight. Must be dressed up in vintage attire to attend, circa 1940's. Their will be prizes for best dressed, featured entertainers, and more. Tickets Online: $15 reg / $45-VIP or at the Door: $20 reg / $50 VIP. Email or call 305-290-2796 for more information. Dress Style: Circa. 1940's Glamour & Gangster.

View Pictures | Sold out

Jazz Noir: A Theatrical Concert | Sold out
The world premiere of an original “Jazz-Noir” theater show written & performed by a local talent is the apex event of our series. In a story written around factual events and places of 1930’s Key West, jazz music plays a key role in telling the story of our character and how he navigates probibition, rum-runners, the Great Depression, deals with iconic keys characters of the era, and the survives the devastation of the 1935 Keys hurricane. Told through narrative, acting, music and 3D-projection mapping technology, this show captures a part of Keys heritage, and illustrates it with combination of the most traditional and the most modern style of performance & technology.
The Studios of Key West | Sold out

Generational Concert | Sold out
A collaborative concert that combines the talents of the few remaining living legends (some of whom live in the Keys); musicians that have performed directly with Billie Holiday, Louie Armstrong, Frank Sinatra or other timeless jazz icons from the original music era, with the most relevant modern jazz masters of our time. In this, we open a window to the past to share the rich musical language and history of jazz, directly from a generation that is nearly gone, to the generation that will keep this treasured art form alive and growing.

Weekend event packages can include the above mentioned, as well as an overlapping era-related film showings, classic car exhibits, live speakers, trivia, scavenger hunts, costume & dance showcases or contests; all tailored for historical Key West, and the iconic American Jazz Age.

For more information please email us Or call 305-290-2796

Calendar of Events - Jazz-Age Retrospectacular: 2017


• 11th Murder/Mystery Dinner - Mangoes Ballroom | Sold out

• 12th Swing Dance Night -Blue Room | Sold out

• 27th Best of the Academy Awards - Truman Little White House | Sold out


3rd Murder/Mystery Dinner - Mangoes Restaurant | Sold out

4th The Music of Old Hollywood - Mangoes Restaurant | Sold out

5th Swing Dance Night - Blue Room | Sold out

31st Murder/Mystery Dinner - Mangoes Restaurant | Sold out


1st Jazz Noir - Studios of Key West | Sold out

2nd Swing Dance Night - Blue Room | Sold out


5th Murder/Mystery Dinner - Mangoes Restaurant | Sold out

6th Concert - TBA 

7th Swing Dance Night - Blue Room | Sold out


3rd Jazz Noir - Studios of Key West | Sold out

4Classic Car Movie Drive-In at Swing Dance Night- Blue Room | Sold out


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