Our Covid 19 Response

We are a private studio service that is currently operating with a skeleton crew only. We believe that the coronavirus threat is a serious reality that will be around for quite some time, so we are taking these safety precautions;

We sanitize touch surfaces daily and support facemask use.
Washing hands is required for entry to the building and soap dispensers have been added to every room.
We offer free to-go sanitation swabs & handsoap at the main entrance.
We provide separate streaming & green rooms for each artist or client.
We have plenty of room at our 5,000 sqft facility to maintain social distancing standards and we are limiting building traffic to individuals only or isolation groups of 5 people or less, capped at 10 people total for the entire day.

If you have questions or concerns:
Call/text: 305-570-3000
Email: info@mixdeity.com