DEATH RANCH - Invite Film Screening

1970s USA, Three African American siblings on the run from the police take refuge at an abandoned Tennessee Ranch, unaware their hideout is on the hunting grounds of a cannibalistic Ku Klux Klan cult...Trapped and tortured, the three must fight tooth and nail to escape alive and take down the bloodthirsty Klan.

Grimmfest says: Gleefully grimy and cartoonishly confrontational in approach, it captures perfectly the often uneasy mix of social commentary and luridly cathartic violence which characterised the genre. And yet, for all of its retro-styled pulp sleaziness, it seems all-too-disturbingly topical right now. To suggest that it be considered as any kind of serious commentary on race relations in contemporary America might seem somewhat disingenuous, while the hero's final, foul-mouthed assessment of the Klan is certainly one that it's difficult to disagree with.
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