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Cacao Ceremony 

I would like to host a cacao ceremony that would be the first in a series of monthly or bi-monthly ceremonies (the latter being more likely), each with a different theme. 

The first theme, "Expressions of the Heart", somewhat inspired by Valentine's, but really about Cacao…how it opens our hearts, connects us, nurtures expression and self-love… 

I would need a 2-hour block of time, thinking Feb. 12/13 or Feb. 19/20 (if Sat. maybe 10-noon, Sun. maybe 4-6). 
In my dream, I could use the main hall as a partner, but I haven't been around long enough to know how all that goes ;) If I could, max number would be 15 guests. 

Would ask for a $10 contribution from members, $20 for non-members (which in either case is a good value, ceremonial cacao is pricey ;) (or I could have a smaller number in the Sun Room but for a little more $). 
I want it to be accessible, while of course covering costs, & some exchange for my energy, but I really want it to help an unfolding into the community of Mix Diety, building connections in a nurturing way, also allowing gradual exposure to the other offerings I am working toward. AND spreading the magic of cacao, hello!? WIN WIN :D 

I would use 'Ora Cacao' - - brought pre-made from home in carafes, with mugs, so nothing would be needed kitchen-wise other than some cleanup afterward. 

Cacao is the purest form of chocolate, and does not mix with heart conditions or MAOI inhibitors, and should really be discussed with a doctor before drinking if pregnant or using SSRI's (but is really about having a lesser amount). So some kind of info about that would need to be in the sign-up. 
Would also need to tell people to bring a yoga mat and blanket/bolster to sit on, a bottle of water, a journal, + any other special items they would like to have, e.g. crystals, oracle cards. 

We would set up in a circle, I would have a central altar space with some stones, flowers or similar. Let everyone get settled and begin. 
For this ceremony the rough outline includes dropping in and drinking a beautiful cup of ceremonial cacao ;) while having some discussion about theme at beginning, circle sharing/intro, guided meditation, heart release ritual, gentle breathwork, either journaling or authentic singing depending on what the group wants (or maybe both as time allows), some reflection and sharing and maybe a little movement. 
Have led about 10 ceremonies now? in person and virtually, including for Ora Cacao twice, and feel pretty confident in most of these elements. 

Wondering about: how the sound will work, will need to control from my seat (which btw will use music I have licensing rights to via Chakradance, Songdance, & DJ Taz Rashid, or however you say that!), 
making sure there are some lights on, just making the stage look pretty (if using big room) 
making sure the floor's clean (happy to wipe/mop, supplies are here?) 
and if there are any fake flowers or props around that I might be able to use to create more of a ceremonial space? 

I think that's it! 
p.s. this form's last question says the meetup is at 8, as does "Step #2" above the form - does it need to update to 7? See you tomorrow :) will either be early or right on time haha

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  • Rock Solomon
    Rock Solomon
    This looks fun!

    This looks fun!

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