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This would essentially be a support group for creatives who have creative block & are trying to find their flow again. Maybe they’ve hit a snag on a project they already started, or maybe they feel generally stuck and are just looking for a starting point to get back to creating. I work as a counselor, and I used to lead groups in a treatment center. So while this would not be “counseling” per se, it would be a lot like group work in that members would be given space to share what obstacles they’re facing, as well as to share their own experiences of navigating creative block. I’ll lead a structured opening with a question or a thought for the week, and we’ll make space for members to identify what’s needed in order for them to get back in motion. While I don’t want to overstructure this, I’m considering carving out time in the meeting during which the members have to create something from start to finish, whether individually or in small groups. Accountability will be encouraged by members setting actionable steps for themselves, with a check-in to happen in the following week, and of course it will be optional for members to pair up for personal accountability to keep creating. This is a group idea that would improve naturally as time goes on, but I also believe that simply discussing these matters together will stir up vision and creative energy.

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