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Mohamed Diomande

Sugarcane Vibez: An Afro-Kickback

The idea is to have a free concert with up-and-coming local Afrobeat artists. 
10 or fewer Artists for the event. 
Each gets a set of 15-20 mins. 
50% Afrobeat or Afro-fusion, 50% Carribean & Hip-hop and…

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Terrance Rashaad smith

Fashion Show

We are currently searching for a unique space to host our Fall fashion show. We will definitely need supporting help from the community! Who would like to get involved?

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Mike Gamms

Justice League of Queers

A dance party and comedy fashion show, Comedy Runway, where after each comic does their set they are judged by a panel of fashion judges for their outfit and outfit only. Also serving as an unofficial…

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Malcom Shemar & Mike Pearson

Live performance, concert or theatrical show

This is an open Mic production/big show case. There will be a dj and band present. The event will allow artist to sign up for a cover performance with a live band.

Staff Access

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Aqeela Reyad

Galactic Soul Nights

Arts and Music theatrical Experience that celebrates culture and community and speaks to everything that divides and unites us with the full intention of elevating our consciousness and enjoying every present moment. You will experience live music…

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Angelika Shelley

Out of the Darkness Walk 

Join "Team Mixdeity" in support of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention! 
The AFSP is a voluntary health organization that works to support research, education and advocacy for suicide and mental health awareness in general. 

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Vanetta Schoefield

Filming of Creators Club

In the spirit of preparing for MixDeity 2.0 I wanted to propose content that would be produced weekly in support of building community on social media & showcasing the vibe of the Tuesday night meetings. 


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X would be a monthly meeting for entrepreneurs enaged in the social good to workshop how to solve problems at ten times scale. Per Google X’s Astro Teller, “it’s often easier to make something 10x better than it is…

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Scott Steiner

Pre Gaming Social

Organizers: Cult-ure Collective and Atlanta EDM 

Tickets: Ticket price is a Mixdeity Membership, $15/month. 

Provide a space for the Atlanta music community to network and connect with one another through music, flow art and games. The…

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Rock Solomon

"Retrospectacular" Photo Party 

FUNDRAISER for Mixdeity Arts 501(c)3

This is how my photo party concept works: 
It's a costume party. 
We pick a theme, say 1950's or something. 
We invite models to bolster their portfolio. 
We invite photographers to bolster…

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Angelika Shelley

Cacao Ceremony 

I would like to host a cacao ceremony that would be the first in a series of monthly or bi-monthly ceremonies (the latter being more likely), each with a different theme. 

The first theme, "Expressions of the Heart"…

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DJ Loddi Doddi & Micki Ronnae

"BlaQmeta" Party

Hosted by DJ Lottie Dottie and Micki Ronnae, we are looking to have a start on our idea of having a monthly or bi-monthly party. This will be marketed for the Black/POC/LGBT community. We are looking to showcase…

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Michael Harris

House Music Dance Party Series

I would like to use some simple balloon props to create a fun filled, theme oriented, high energy house music dance party series of three social events during Spring 2022. My goal plan is to…

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Yana Dashevsky

Vegan Potluck

I'm in a FB group called vegan Atlanta and I would love to host a potluck style event in the main hall, to make new vegan friends, share food and new recipes. I would ask anyone who comes…

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