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Mohamed Diomande

Sugarcane Vibez: An Afro-Kickback

The idea is to have a free concert with up-and-coming local Afrobeat artists. 
10 or fewer Artists for the event. 
Each gets a set of 15-20 mins. 
50% Afrobeat or Afro-fusion, 50% Carribean & Hip-hop and…

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Mike Gamms

Justice League of Queers

A dance party and comedy fashion show, Comedy Runway, where after each comic does their set they are judged by a panel of fashion judges for their outfit and outfit only. Also serving as an unofficial…

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Samantha L Jones

Light Dark Photo Shoot

I would like to pitch this as a community event as the daylight part of the photo session is designed to promotional photos or headshots of the muse/subject. 
Samantha’s personal interest in this idea is light…

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Rock Solomon

"Retrospectacular" Photo Party 

FUNDRAISER for Mixdeity Arts 501(c)3

This is how my photo party concept works: 
It's a costume party. 
We pick a theme, say 1950's or something. 
We invite models to bolster their portfolio. 
We invite photographers to bolster…

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Michael Harris

House Music Dance Party Series

I would like to use some simple balloon props to create a fun filled, theme oriented, high energy house music dance party series of three social events during Spring 2022. My goal plan is to…

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