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Mike Gamms

Justice League of Queers

A dance party and comedy fashion show, Comedy Runway, where after each comic does their set they are judged by a panel of fashion judges for their outfit and outfit only. Also serving as an unofficial…

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Mohamed L. Diomande

Starting from the Bottom 

An internet show where I sit with artist and we listen to one of our early very embarrassing tracks and then we listen to our most recent track and talk about it and make fun of…

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Vanetta Schoefield

Filming of Creators Club

In the spirit of preparing for MixDeity 2.0 I wanted to propose content that would be produced weekly in support of building community on social media & showcasing the vibe of the Tuesday night meetings. 


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Rock Solomon

"Retrospectacular" Photo Party 

FUNDRAISER for Mixdeity Arts 501(c)3

This is how my photo party concept works: 
It's a costume party. 
We pick a theme, say 1950's or something. 
We invite models to bolster their portfolio. 
We invite photographers to bolster…

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