About Grant Park Manor 

This 15,000 sqft church was built in 1922 in Grant Park, Atlanta. After the congregation left in 2009 it became a circus aerial arts school. Mixdeity took over when the school folded in 2019. We have been gradually developing our own style multimedia rooms and theatre space here, while retaining both the charm of the original church and the oddities of the circus that followed. Bookings for our main hall include a lobby space, music salon and green room with digital projection, theatre lighting, sound system, aerial rigging, chairs, tables, 3-tier stage and 30' ceilings with over 500sqft of century-old stained glass. There is also a photography studio onsite, as well as recording studio, office space, commercial kitchen, commercial hair salon and fitness studio available for additional booking. For information about booking our venue, or additional studio rooms, please fill out an inquiry at the bottom and we will contact you directly for a tour or quote. If you are interested in booking a studio room at this location, please click here

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