The Creative's COncierge | Rock Solomon "Dr.Rock"

Dr.Rock | Photo Credit: Romi Burianova

I have over 25 years of experience working in all sides of the event, music & film industries, with equal parts talent, crew & producer.  I understand creative artists goals and industry goals from a unique perspective that has allowed me to accomplish my own goals more times than I can count.  Now I want to help you accomplish yours. 

Whether I'm creating a video, laying tracks in studio sessions, or giving creative business mentorship,  I love helping music artists and creatives of all kinds get their career, art & economy to the next level.  I work on a sliding scale so that artists at all levels have a chance for some help, but my time is also limited for new projects.  If I can't do it, I know who can.  

Schedule a free call with me, and let's talk about your project.   

sample VIdeo works: Director / DP / camera / lighting / design / acting / vo / post production / editing

Music video / basic budget

Music Video / low-budget

Documentary / Capture

Corporate / Investor