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launch my music career 1
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sell my art 0
join a dance movement 1
discover amazing people 0
make my money on my own terms 1
express myself and be heard 0
bring my crazy idea to life 2
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What is the Co-Creator Incubator? 

A:   It is a developing platform designed to incentivize collaboration, support, volunteerism and ultimately paid work to and from creative artists of all kinds. Launch a project, campaign, startup or anything you like with support, guidance and mentorship.  Earn points by helping on projects. Earn your status so people can earn points by helping your project.


How do I get started? 

A:   Join us at one of our Takeover Tuesday events in Little 5 Points, ATL to get signed up. Start collecting points for volunteering or participation. Collect at least 16 or more points in a monthly to claim or retain your Co-Creator status.  We tally points during Takeover Tuesdays prior to the focus group meeting. Come early!

What happens if I lose my card? 

A:   It depends. If you have not tallied your status with it yet, then it is lost.  If you have already tallied your status, then your time has been recorded in our database and losing or recycling it will no longer effect your status.  

How do I apply my skills to the Co-Creator Incubator?

A1:   Make sure to "declare" your skills during signup so that we can easily find you when there is a demand. If you can't come in person, then Submit Yourself here.
A2:   Start or join a project that will make use of the particular skills you want to focus on. 

Can I be working on multiple projects? 

A:   You can be on multiple teams for developing projects, but you can only be on one activated project team at a time.

What if an idea explodes in an unpredictable way?

A:   We take it as it comes, and we take precautions when necessary.

Who can help plan/manage an extensive project? 

A:   Collaborative mentorship is built in to the Mixdeity ecosystem. In cases of extremely specialized knowledge or requirements for investment, Mixdeity representatives can perform outreach to find the needed elements to move the project forward. 

What is the culture of Co-Creator Incubator?

A:   We focus on practical approaches to crazy ideas and creating safe spaces for everyone who will create a safe space for us.  We promote collaboration over competition, people over profit, communication over satisfaction, and the inclusive over the divisive. In the absence of fairness we seek balance. We seek the freedom to discover our life's potential and our personal truths. We want our inspiration to wake us up in the morning, and pay the bills while we sleep.

Should I upgrade my membership tier? 

A:   Co-Creators who maintain an active status (at least 16 or more volunteer points monthly) have the same privileges as the higher tier memberships. Our goal is to drive engagement, but if your time is extremely limited, there is a second option to upgrade.

Do I need to be on the idea board to garner resources? 

A:   The idea board is a tool for creatives to communicate ideas and gain support for their projects during the idea discovery and pipeline development phases, but only required for submitting projects. Points for volunteering are only issued on submitted projects that reach the Activated/Delivery phase. Activating a project unlocks all resources and support available throughout Mixdeity.
A2:   Most resources can also be accessed directly through the higher tiers of membership, with the exception of volunteer support points.

What are the steps to get my project launched?

A1:   The first phase of a project is the Idea / Discovery phase.  During this phase, all dream possibilities are explored and entertained while you source a team.
A2:   The second phase is the Pipeline / Development phase. During this phase, your team decides what is possible and how it will be done.  
A3:   The third phase is the Activated / Delivery phase. During this phase, the plan is finalized and put into action, supported and tracked by Mixdeity.  
After graduating the full incubator, ongoing projects should be sustainable and self-contained.

How are profits from a project distributed?

A:   The final economy of a project is decided by the project team at the end of the Pipeline Development phase as part of the activation process. The plan should reflect the intentions set forth during the first phases and be refined for sustainability and balanced distribution of wealth, then be approved by Mixdeity.

Note: Creatives in the early phases of the incubator can grow their status, experience & relationships, with profit as a secondary benefit for graduated projects.

What kind of organization is Mixdeity? 

A:   The Co-Creator Incubator is operated by Mixdeity Arts INC is a 501(c)3 non profit. It is also the founding partner company in the Mixdeity MEDIA Group, a collection of parallel organizations and affiliates ready to collaborate for common goals.  You can nominate your favorite creative, company or vender to be considered. 

What are the overall goals the Co-Creator Incubator?

A:   Short term plans include development of an app to streamline our system and make it expandable to other territories. Long term plans are to empower independent creatives, grouped with global community scalability, so as to provide for people worldwide a second option for sustainability, in a quest to undermine the leverage point of companies who use exploitive business practices that are toxic to humanity.

What is Mixdeity's official mission statement?

A:   Mixdeity is dedicated to serve as a resource junction and support system for developing creatives and entrepreneurs in media arts, performing arts & humanities. Our egalitarian mission is to increase the accessibility of artistic, informational, technological & economic resources to underserved communities, promote the transformation of competition into collaboration and empower sustainability through education and the creation of original works in unlimited forms of creative expression. 
Make Life Worth Dying For” - Rock Solomon