Help us share the collective story of Ronnie Pierce, and the historical jazz music he so loved.  His passing truly marks the end of an important musical era. But as the book of his life comes to a close, the saga will continue in the music he has given us, and through the many more stories bound to come from all the lives he inspired. Please support the Ronnie Pierce Jazz Legacy Fund.     Ronnie Pierce is a bonafide Seattle Jazz Legend who played with icons such as Billie Holiday, Ray Charles and many more in a professional career that spanned 7.6 decades. He left us on October 28th, at 7pm peacefully from natural causes at the age of 90. He left this world on his own terms "with mother nature"  and was comforted by loved ones at his bedside in his final days. He is survived by 6 children, 4 grand children, 1 great grandchild & hundreds of members of what he considered his extended musical family. Anyone who knew him, knew that Jazz music and his own identity were inseparable. His love for the music was only surpassed by his love for sharing it with others.His unique story from inside a rich jazz history in Seattle is currently left untold in hundreds of documents, recordings, tapes, video tapes, letters, posters and many other artifacts that are boxed up and sitting dormant in a local storage locker. Additional elements of his jazz legacy are scattered around the region. This fundraiser is intended to raise the seed money needed to start the "Ronnie Pierce Jazz Legacy Fund". Using this fund, we will ultimately create a kind of historical installation that would allow future generations the ability to see the world of jazz through the eyes of a man who lived it every day of his life, and who loved to share it with the world around him. It will take a slow and exhaustive effort to sort, copy, encode, collect, compile and ultimately present the massive amount of history and the unpublished creative library he has left behind. The Ronnie Pierce Jazz Legacy Fund will support an ongoing effort that will include historical presentations, education, annual events, exhibits & releases, and will foster the sustainability of the jazz music art form by preserving an authentic history of it's origin.   Please support the Ronnie Pierce Jazz Legacy Fund.  ” - R.I.P. Ronnie E. Pierce 1928-2018

Jazz Legacy Fund